Moskstraumen: Into the Vortex

Chapter 1 - Session 1
Character Introductions, Campaign Introduction, and the encounter that will _hopefully_ bring them together

The year is 1272, many years after the Age of Exploration. Belghast is a marshland country filled to the brim with practitioners of both the arcane and the divine. It is often regarded as the safe haven of magic-users. The provinces of Einweall, Alseeth, and Kalforth have been allied for roughly one-hundred years and a grand wall, nine meters in width and fifty meters tall surrounds the three provinces.

Indigo Gloom, a world-travelling Blue from the western continent of Maelshire has just entered Einweall with his long-time companions: Nero, a humanoid Elan with a talent for crafting, and a snark-y, somewhat self-absorbed Maenad who goes by Blackjack the Blade.

Having been tipped off by their longtime friend, Aldebert Doubleday, (now contact and information gatherer) they find themselves searching for a supposed artifact that is said to unlock the deepest secrets of the mind. Doubleday had directed them to Seol’for, a peaceful armory town located a little ways north of Einweall’s capital, Isarnon.

The broad waves of daylight shone down on them as they walked the fairly busy streets in search of a place to grab a drink and rest. During their walk around town they heard many rumors of Necromancers to the north and of a possible split between the currently aligned provinces.

While they bumbled about they found themselves lost at an area full of blacksmiths and iron workers. There they met a peculiar human blacksmith, Chip, who had pointed them toward The Silver Hammer, a well renowned tavern. Chip had revealed that the bartender, Arthur, was an ex-member of a dubious Assassin’s Guild. Although he’s strayed from his old habits, he’s still a keeper of lore and welcomes those who are in pursuit of knowledge.

Outside of the tavern, Nero spotted a gang of strange men heading inside. Having seen that one of the men wielded a strange looking sword and a faceless mask, he stopped and confronted the man alone. Hand on blade, he demanded to know what business the stranger had with the tavern. A threat had formed inside of his head,

“Stay away, or there will be trouble. If you meddle I’ll personally tear you apart limb from limb.”

And with that, Nero drew his blade in the middle of the crowded streets and the man yelled out,
“No one disrespects Aesir Mostana!”

Chizaan Morse,Tavuk, and Griffith, three mercenaries from the province of Altusjord, sit in the dim light of The Silver Hammer, a well kept tavern and inn. Chizaan and Tavuk swore to protect the peace when they left their homes, eventually meeting each other in the heat of battle. Along their travels they picked up Griffith, despite his recklessness and strange demeanor.

They’ve been living in Seol’for for roughly a month, having been hired as private investigators and town guards. Now they sit alone in the tavern, discussing the past month and the variety of seemingly unrelated crimes. Missing children, slain livestock, stolen metals, corpses left out in the open (some of which would be hanging over the fountains and wells). Word has it that this once peaceful town is on a steady descent into Hell, some blame the Princes, others blame the mayor, and even more blame the outside world. Only the three of them sit in the tavern, as early mornings tend not to be the time to drink. Not even the bartender appears to be present, which is odd, given his assortment of exotic ales and wines.

Alustina, a young child, no older than ten walks down the second floor steps of The Silver Hammer with a spellbook in hand. He recognizes the three strange looking fellows seated at a table, as they’ve been snooping around town all month. During his four month stay, Alustina had learned of the many strange types of people that crawl through the murk of the town, but he takes no heed. Only a fool would try to harm the child; his family being full of well known and respected wizards, and he himself mastering magic at his young age. He concludes that the three strangers are either guards who are very bad at their jobs, spies, or bums. All of which he doesn’t much care for. He walks up to the bar stools and lifts himself up to talk to his current caretaker Arty, who seems to have taken the place of the past owner. Arty doesn’t seem to be there though, which is unlike him at all.

Alustina had decided to question the three tavern goers about the disappearance of Arty, and after some introduction and talking (in which Chizaan got drunk and passed out) he figured he should head outside and start his search.

Suddenly, four blue and brown robed men kicked open the tavern door and bustled in, demanding to see Arthur and threatening everyone inside. Tavuk, Griffith, and Alustina would have none of that, and the three of them drew their weapons.

Griffith began to call upon his eidolon while Tavuk defended him from two of the men who had rushed the summoner; bashing them away with his shield and striking their heads with his mace. Electricity surrounded Alustina as he moved between the crossbow wielder and the cleric. The flash of lightning had clouded their visions,burnt their clothing, and lowered their morale.

Outside of the tavern, Nero swung away at Aesir despite Indigo’s objections. Blackjack and Nero proved to be fierce in their attack, rushing to strike him down as he turned to light the tavern on fire. Having seen this act, Indigo jumped in to put the flames out while the enraged Nero dealt a fatal beheading blow that struck the wall and shattered one of the tavern’s windows.

Due to the shock and chaos of the battle, Alustina planned to make an escape by conjuring a dense fog in the middle of the room. Seizing the moment, he ran for the burnt door while one of the men had made their escape through a window and the other had set down their holy symbol and surrendered.

Blackjack proudly announced their victory over Aesir, waving the disembodied head around before chucking it through the tavern window and accompanying the action with a speech. Nero sheathed his blade, Indigo let out a sigh of relief, Alustina ran to the outside, Tavuk regathered his strength, Chizaan lay about drunk, and Griffith finally summoned his eidolon armor.


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